Dir. See below | Run time: 79 mins | Rating:

Saturday, June 8, El Sibil, 5:00pm

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE A FILM (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Nazlı Dinçel
Shot at the Film Farm in Mt.Forest, this comedy is a quest about performance, educational voiceover, analogue filmmaking, ASCII, language, ethics of ethnography and narrative storytelling under a metaphor of instructions to farm land.
HELIOS (USA, 5 mins) – Dir. Eric Stewart
Time-lapses of cacti and succulent over the course of a year. Environmental data drives the tone and filtration of the sounds while the rising and setting of the sun illuminates plant growth in and out phase with each each other.
EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY (USA, 6 mins) – Dir. Alison Nguyen
Cult-produced media, consumer technology, and religious iconography crash in this heterogenous experimental essay film.
VESLEMØY’S SONG (Canada, 9 mins) – Dir. Sofia Bohdanowicz
A young woman named Audrey Benac delves into the archives of the New York Public Library in search of a rare recording produced in 1909 titled Veslemøy’s Song. Shot on hand-processed black and white 16mm, the film takes a docu-fiction approach to investigate the faded legacy of the once celebrated Canadian musician, Kathleen Parlow.
E-TICKET (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Simon Liu
A frantic (re)cataloguing of a personal archive and rebirth to forgotten images. 35mm snaps sputter from view after being obsessively spliced frame by frame. A retelling of Dante’s Inferno for the streaming age; freedom of movement for the modern cloud.
GET UP, PIERROT (USA, 7 mins) – Dir. Gurleen Rai and F. Anthony Shepherd
Pierrot is an existential pastry made by folding layers of identity upon itself with equal parts tears and smiles. The archetypal, sad clown, pining for true happiness, but finding only failure and rejection in place of success.
HI, I NEED TO BE LOVED (USA, 11 mins) – Dir. Marnie Ellen Hertzler
Actors from Craigslist audition for a film by reading spam emails from a teleprompter. Three are cast: A Dancer, A Chef, and A Milkmaid. Is this poetry or malware?
GONE SALE (USA, 5 mins) – Dir. Matt Meindl
Faceless forms inhabit the shadow-sprayed remnants of a shopping mall board game. Slumber party capitalism, now a bargain bin of lost dreams.
SKIN OF MAN (USA, 10 mins) – Dir. Jimmy Joe Roche
When three friends take a road trip to an idyllic forest and drop acid, one is lured into a mystic web of ritual murder and dragged into another dimension.