Dir. See List Below | Run time: 83 mins | Rating: NR

WELCOME TO BUSHWICK (USA, 5 mins) – Dir. Henry Jinings
On the heels of a successful first date, Evan and Marceline end up back at her place.
SWEET & LO (USA, 14 mins) – Dir. Clay Liford
The “Rockersham Twins” Sweetie and Dolores are strange girls who share a dark secret, but now they have a new problem: they like the same guy.
PAN (Germany, 17 mins) – Dir. Anna Roller
Juno, a twenty-year-old girl becomes obsessed with Pan. Her obsession turns her into an animal.
COYOTE (Switzerland, 10 mins) – Dir. Lorenz Wunderle
A coyote loses his wife and children from an attack of wolfs. Anguished from human emotions he‘s trying to process the experience. Besides grief and delusion, evil takes up more and more space.
END TIMES (USA, 9 mins) – Dir. Bobby Miller
A man finds a dying squirrel in the park and has an existential crisis.
STEVE’S KINKOES (USA, 8 mins) – Dir. Emma Debany
A man copies posters for his missing (and dead) cat at an otherworldly 24/7 photocopy shop. What will happen to him if he stays forever?
WE SUMMONED A DEMON (USA, 5 mins) – Dir. Chris McInroy
They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.
CRYING BITCH (Japan, 14 mins) – Dir. Reiki Tsuno
A man, who is having an affair with a young woman, gets home late per usual. But that night, he finds something wrong with his wife Satomi.