Narrative Shorts

Dir. See List Below | Run time: 84 mins | Rating: NR

MOTHER’S DAY (USA, 2 min) – Dir. James M. Johnston
A mom spends a typical Saturday with her curious daughter.
PARTHENON (USA, 14 min) – Dir. Frank Mosely
A naked body moves a stranger to empathy.
IMAGO (USA, 10 min) – Dir. Liz Franke
The courageous, life-altering decision to never let anyone treat him badly ever again – not even his own father – leads a 15-year-old gay teen to fully embrace who he is.
LIFE BOAT (USA, 18 min) – Dir. Lorraine Nicholson
Based on true events, six teenagers are led into an intriguing game of survival by their guidance counselor.
*PREGNANT (USA, 9 min) – Dir. Joseph Sackett
A pregnant man communicates psychically with his unborn fetus.
AMERICAN PARADISE (USA, 18 min) – Dir. Joe Talbot
A desperate man in Trump’s America attempts to shift his fate with the perfect crime. Inspired by true events.
GOOD CRAZY (USA, 14 min) – Dir. Rosa Salazar
A complex chick deals with a vanilla beau, a shitty brunch and a dead coyote all in a Los Angeles day. There’s batshit crazy and then there’s good crazy. She fits somewhere in between.