Dir. See Below | Run time: 81 mins | Rating:

Saturday, June 8, Bishop Arts Theater Center, 1:15pm

Co-Presented by do214

HANNAHS (USA, 14 mins) – Dir. India Donaldson
A woman cons her way into another woman’s apartment, resulting in a strange and intimate encounter.
CLAMS CASINO (USA, 11 mins) – Dir. Pam Nasr
Arcelia Diaz invites an unknown audience to an extravagant seafood dinner as she struggles to rebuild her relationship with her mother.
SOMETHING LIKE LONELINESS (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Seth Epstein and Ben Epstein
Upstairs-downstairs neighbors Dan and Mia have never met, but the thin floor between their apartments offers its own kind of intimacy.
LOCKDOWN (USA, 12 mins) – Dir. Celine Held and Logan George
Struggling with feelings for her best friend, 14 year-old Marie stages an almost perfect plan.
REHEARSAL (USA, 8 mins) – Dir. Courtney Hope Thérond
A film crew for an upcoming feature film pushes the boundaries of consent during a courtesy rehearsal for its female lead.
THE FOLLOWER (USA, 12 mins) – Dir. Stephanie Szerlip
A misunderstood teen with dreams of escaping her dreary suburban life is tempted by a would-be internet stalker in this Southern Gothic stranger-danger tale. Based on the 1966 Joyce Carol Oates story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”
OLD HAUNT (USA, 11 mins) – Dir. Andre Hyland
A procrastinating writer at an Airbnb tries to get some work done, but after an unexpected visitor arrives, he finds himself in an increasingly unsettling set of situations that he can’t explain.