Dir. See List Below | Run time: 89 mins | Rating: NR

THE NIGHT I LOST MY FAVORITE JACKET (USA, 4 mins) – Dir. Jenna Krumerman
A day in the life of a teenage girl on a Saturday night. She loses her jacket and a little of herself while meeting new characters and trying to get by.
KOEPCKE’ (USA, 2 mins) – Dir. Caroline Fears
An experimental animation about the experience of a 17 year old girl in 1971.
SANKOFA (USA, 14 mins) – Dir. Jhad Villena Francis
A young woman can no longer hold back unsaid feelings for her childhood friend emigrating abroad after ten years away from their home country.
PHOTOGRAPHIQUE (USA, 5 mins) – Dir. Zain Karim
A short documentary exploring the miraculous revival of a small family business in Dallas and the renaissance of a not-so antiquated medium.
THIRD SHIFT (USA, 17 mins) – Dir. Sam Mohney
A blowhard cop responds to a mysterious 911 call at his favorite local donut shop.
PENTECOST (USA, 5 mins) – Dir. Katherine Propper
A snake handler’s daughter seeks a spiritual gift of her own.
PERDÓNAME (FORGIVE ME) (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Tani Paige Shukla
A Catholic woman is put at odds with her faith when her cancer-afflicted sister asks her to commit the ultimate sin.
THE CRYSTAL CITY (USA, 13 mins) – Dir. Kenya Gillespie
In a remote desert town in South Texas, the remains and memories of a little-known WWII internment camp are uncovered.
THE GREEN (USA, 15 mins) – Dir. Sophia Loffreda
When 10-year-old bffs Cherry Cake, Starla, and Franny find a bag of marijuana on the soccer field after practice, they decide selling the greenery to their town’s fabled drug dealer may be their last chance to do something BIG together before their team gets broken up.