Dir. Rick Alverson | Run time: 106 mins | Rating:

Friday, June 7, Texas Theatre, 7:00pm

The year is 1953. Andy, a young, introverted teenager, works as a Zamboni driver at an ice rink where his father is a flamboyant skating instructor. Andy’s mother is institutionalized. When Andy meets Dr. Wallace Fiennes (Jeff Goldblum), a famous lobotomist now in the sad decline of his career, the shy young man joins the doctor on a tour of rural mental hospitals. As Fiennes desperately evangelizes for the lobotomy procedure to drum up business, Andy becomes infatuated with a patient and her father and immerses himself in the surreal, burgeoning New Age movement of the American West.



Co-Writer Dustin Guy Defa in attendance


R.I.Y.L – The Comedy, Jeff Goldlum being really weird.